21 Oct 10 Reasons to date a single dad

Dating at the best of times can be tough, and dating a single dad can seem like a intimidating prospect. So with that said I have created this list of 10 Reasons to date a single dad.

1. We are more than likely looking to settle down.
We have Kids and that responsibility doesn’t mesh with the whole “a different girl each night” lifestyle, not that I’m saying we don’t go out and have fun. We just want to be in a relationship with someone that understands that the kids are the biggest part of our lives and can deal with that.

2. We tend to take things slow.
Dating a single dad is also like been at an interview with the Kids. We want to get to know someone we are dating really well before taking thing to another level and introducing someone to our kids. We don’t want to rush things as we know dating someone who has kids can be daunting.

3. We try to be good listeners.
Kids don’t come with manuals, so a lot of the time you just have to listen to what’s on their minds and go from there. This “training” is why us single dads become great listeners.

4. We understand responsibility.
Having children comes with a long and varied list of responsibilities. Having kids teaches you the meaning of responsibility and that translates into all our relationships.

5. We aren’t self-centred
When you have kids you don’t have time to think about your own needs. This has taught us to be aware of others needs.

6. We have dating experience
Having already been through the dating process and in some cases having a family. This has given us experience in the world of dating and relationships, hopefully helping us to avoid any awkward situations.

7. We know what we want in a partner.
We value character and good qualities in a woman before getting serious. We want someone who we feel would get on with the kids and be a good fit.

8. We are role models
Its every fathers dream is to be their child’s role model and being a role model brings out the best in you. It makes you want to be the type of dad your kids can be proud of. And who wouldn’t want to date someone trying to be the best they can be.

9. We have goals
Being a single dad makes you realise what’s important. This makes us pretty serious about our goals as we want to provide the best possible future for our children.

10. You get to see the dad in action
As single dads we are involved in our kids lives and they are the biggest part of ours. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a serious relationship. And if you did decide to date a single dad you will get an insight to what it takes been a single dad and all the fun you can have.

Hope you enjoyed read my 10 Reasons to date a single dad and Happy dating!