10 tips for travelling with kids

31 Oct 10 tips for travelling with kids

10 tips for travelling with kids – Travelling with kids can be a potentially traumatic experience, there are lots to think of, from what to pack to the flight itself.

Here are my top 10 tips for travelling with kids:

1. Take it slow

Take your time and make sure you have everything you need beforehand. This will give you more time on travel day and hopefully you will feel less rushed on the day.

2. Getting through security

When travelling via an airport it’s best to explain to your kids what’s going to happen before you get to the airport. Letting your kids know beforehand they have to put their bag and jacket in a tray and that they will have to go through a scanner. Explaining this beforehand will make the experience go a lot smoother for you and the kids.

3. Try to fly as early in the day as possible

Depending on where you are flying to, the earlier you fly tends to be better as it knocks you and your kids routine less out of whack. Also, you tend to have less chance of being delayed and the flights are usually less crowded.

4. No buttons, no laces

It’s best to avoid clothing with buttons to prevent them not getting to the loo on time. It’s also good to dress them in a couple of comfy layers due to quickly changing temperatures. I would also recommend going for Velcro or slip-on shoes to save messing about with laces. This will help when going through airport security and if they want to slip them off while on the plane.

5. Seat kids away from the aisle

I’ve found it best to seat kids away from the aisle as it can be potentially dangerous for them. with people walking by and the food and drinks cart passing by they could take a knock. Also sitting in the aisle increases the chances of them getting a drink spilled on them or knocking someone with a drink.

6. Snacks for the plane

Make sure to bring plenty of snacks for the plane, as well as keeping the kids fed with things you know they like. It also stops you getting stung by the heavily increased prices of snacks on the plane (£1.30 for a small chocolate bar).

7. Bring entertainment

My kids love to draw and colour, so I brought some colouring books and pencils. I also brought iPad’s with videos and games on them to help pass the time.

8. Keep your composure

You may get the odd fellow passenger that complains when your kids cry or even laugh, the best advice I can give is don’t engage. If you are trying and focusing on your kids, then you’re going to have 90% of the other passengers on your side.

9. Prepare for the air pressure change

Once you’ve gone through security make sure to get some water, this will also help with the air pressure change. Have your kids drink some just after takeoff, then again around 30 minutes before you land. Swallowing the water helps with the pressure in the ears.

10. Check in early

If possible book your seats early and avoid having to sit separately from your kids. Most airlines tend to offer online check-in well before departure, so get it done now to avoid the pain of having to go through check-in at the airport.


So, that’s my 10 tips for travelling with kids, Thanks for reading. As always if you have any comments or you have any advice yourself please leave a comment below it would be great to hear from you.

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Thanks, David