Fun ways to keep kid’s active

24 May 5 Fun ways to keep kids active

5 Fun ways to keep kids active – As someone trying to get in shape myself, it’s important that I do everything I can to keep my kids active so they don’t develop the same bad habits I did. However, this can be difficult pulling them away from distractions like the TVs, iPads, smartphones and video games (see my previous post), not to mention dealing with the rainy Northwest of England’s weather.

Once I’ve got them out the house the next problem I’ve found is deciding on what to do. I get the best response from them when the activity is fun and it’s something that we can all do together. With summer nearly here, it’s a much easier time to get out the house and get moving, here are my 5 fun ways to keep kids active.

1. The Park

The Single Dad Park

This one’s obvious, but the park is great for keeping active, we like to go to Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington. This is a great park as it has several fields that we can play football on. It also has a large play area that both kids run around, and to top it off they have children’s zoo. The only real drawback with the park is you’re hostage to the weather, but as long as it’s not raining we can shove a coat on and get out there.

2. Biking

The Single Dad Biking

Now, my kids are still a little new to their bikes but they love going out on them. For us, the bikes are great for a quick 30-minute cycle around the estate or maybe even to the local park. Again the problem with going for a cycle is the weather, if it’s raining then it’s a bit of a non-starter. Another problem I have ran into is the kids (especially my youngest) getting bored halfway through the outing, then I’m stuck pushing a kids bike home.

3. Swimming

The Single Dad Swimming

Out of the 5 activities, my kids probably love swimming the most, although it’s probably not the best exercise, it’s the one they have the most fun doing. From jumping in the pool to doing water flips, they never stop laughing. You also get the benefit of them having a sweat-free workout and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside.

4. Football

The Single Dad Football

My son goes to a football coaching club, my daughter comes to watch sometimes but doesn’t really like football. Everyone knows football is great exercise and it’s 45 mins of him running around and socialising with kids his own age. He gets to learn football skills, and with this taking place in a sports hall, the weather doesn’t matter.

5. Fit camp

The Single Dad Fit Camp

The fit camp I do with my daughter, it’s great exercise and we really get to bond while completing the camp. The fit camp is basically like any sort of boot camp you may see at your local gym or park. Ours is held in the local park and lasts about 45min with warm up and cool down. My daughter was a little apprehensive the first time we went but has really grown to love it. It’s great we get to exercise together and even though she spends most of the time laughing at me, it’s totally worth it.

That’s my 5 fun ways to keep kids active. As always if you have any comments or I’ve missed off any activities from the list then please leave a comment below.

Thanks, David