Hello my name is David Scott, I am from St.Helens in Merseyside, England and I a father of two, Phoebe (7) and Leo (4). After my marriage broke down in August of 2014 I quickly realised I didn’t know a lot of the small things that a parent needs to know.


It was little things but they were still important, like knowing how to put my daughter’s hair in a ponytail or the best way to prepare fun meals for the kids. So I thought it would be a good to compile some of my experiences for fun and to provide a source of information to help other dads in similar positions.


My aim is to make THESINGLEDAD.co.uk a fun and informative source for information for single dads, mums or any parental figure. I’d also like to build a community of members sharing their knowledge and experience in all areas of parenting.


Like any parent I am always learning and will update the site regularly as possible, I’d also love to hear from you with any stories, tips or advice you may have. If you have something you would like to share on the site then check out the Write for us page or contact me on david@thesingledad.co.uk.


I hope you enjoy the site.

Thank you

David Scott