How to deal with your kid's swearing

31 Aug How to deal with your kid’s swearing

How to deal with your kid’s swearing: Now I have to hold my hands up that I have had to put my fair share of money in the swear jar. This is something I have actively tried to improve upon when around the kids, especially now they are at the age where they copy everything you do, as well as egging each on. As my kids are getting older the more and more they come across swearing from TV shows to the horror show that is the internet.

My kids (aged 7 & 4) have become fascinated with swear words, they find nothing funnier than a well-timed sh*t or bloody hell. At this age range, they need help in understanding when certain language is appropriate. For instance, there is a difference between the language they may use when with their with friends while being silly, compared to the type of language they should be using around teachers.

So here are some of my tips on how to deal with your kid’s swearing, hopefully, they can help you too.

How bad language reflects on them.

Your kids or their friends more than likely think that it’s “cool” to swear or at least funny. It’s hard to get through to them at this age, but try to make clear that swearing in most cases makes them look immature and unable to explain or deal with a situation using their vocabulary. For older kids you will want to remind them of this when posting online, as once it’s out there, then it’s usually out there for good.

Keep an eye on what they watch.

Keeping an eye on what media they consume will make you more aware of what type of language they are exposed to. Checking what TV shows, movies, video games and the internet (Youtube) they are interacting with will let you know what inappropriate content you need to steer them away from.

When and where?

This is helping your kids to understand when and where the different language is appropriate. Trying to make them keep in mind where and to whom they are speaking to. They need to understand that the language they use with their friends is maybe not the same type of language they would use when they are with their Nan and Granddad.

Try not to use bad language yourself.

This one seems obvious but it can be easier said than done, especially in more stressful situations. In most cases, you can find an alternative to a swear word or phrase. If you can start to do this yourself then you will inevitably swear less around your kids, this, in turn, will mean they hear you swear less and won’t be encouraged to copy you. It sounds silly but I tend to use sugar instead of sh*t and fudge instead of f*ck. These have saved me several times.

Some words can hurt.

Explaining to your kids that some words can be hurtful to others is important. Calling another kid a word like b*tch or b*stard etc is not really nice and the last thing you want them to become is the bully on the playground. Asking them how they would feel if they were called this usually brings things into perspective for them.

So, that’s my advice on How to deal with your kid’s swearing, Thanks for reading. As always if you have any comments or you have any advice yourself please leave a comment below it would be great to hear from you.

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