How to grow and maintain your beard

15 Jun How to grow and maintain your beard

How to grow and maintain your beard – I first grew by beard when my ex and I split, though I was never really clean shaven in the past I had never grown a full beard before. Getting over the split I fancied a change of look and decided to grow my beard.

I have been growing my beard for just over 3 years and I tend to give it a trim and tidy once a month or on a special occasion/night out. Here is my guide on How to Grow and maintain your Beard.

Growing your beard

Try not to mess with your beard. This is easier than it sounds, don’t shave, don’t try and trim it, just don’t mess with it. You will soon be going through the “I have bum fluff on my face” look. It will be tempting to try and style it, but until you actually have anything to style you will just be hindering your results.

If like me when you are going through the middle phase (this is when your beard is longer than stubble but too short to style) you will more than likely have friends and family telling you that your beard doesn’t look good or doesn’t suit you, but stay strong, wait it out, you WILL get there.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when your full beard may not quite turn out how you imagined it. For instance, the sides of my beard are quite patchy, so I had to embrace that while the beard was growing and just let it grow until it was long enough to not look naff, at that point, I could trim and style it. Also, I noticed my beard changed colour when growing, first it started off brown like my hair colour but then over time turned slightly ginger. This is something to bear in mind when you go through this process but don’t stress, it’s quite a long process but in the end, it’s worth it.

How to maintain your beard

Don’t  mess with it!

This one’s a toughy, I know you’ll want to play with your beard, thinking you look like Gandalf smoking a pipe, but don’t. Messing, touching and playing with your beard cause damage and stress to your hair, this will cause split ends and make the hair look shaggy. Doing this will means you would need to trim your beard which will knock you back in the growing it out process.

Don’t  Shampoo but Do beard oil!

I found that shampooing tends to dry out my beard so I tend to stay clear of it. What I do is just give it a wash through in a warm shower, sometimes I use conditioner once or twice a week to keep it soft. I then pat it dry with a towel (no furious towelling and avoid the hair dryer). Next, run a comb through it, apply a couple of drops of beard oil then run the comb through again. There are loads of different beard oils with many fragrances, I tend to use a little coconut oil. The beard oil will help protect your beard from the elements as well as making it softer, fuller, shiny and smooth.

Keeping it tidy

When tidying your beard up, I would recommend getting some good quality hairdressing scissors and a beard/moustache comb. Some people don’t recommend using electric razors but I feel for a quick trim there much quicker and more convenient. With that said, if you have the time I would always go for scissor and comb combo.

And you’re done! Well done you managed to get through my “How to Grow and maintain your Beard” post. Now go out into the world, grow your beard and enjoy the beardy goodness!

As always if you have any comments or I’ve missed off any tips off the list then please leave a comment below.

Thanks, David 😉


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