Top 6 Dad Hacks For New Dads

25 Jul Top 6 Dad Hacks For New Dads

Top 6 Dad Hacks For New Dads – Being a dad is great but can also be tough. This is why, when possible it’s good to be able to take shortcuts, the little hacks that will help you get through the day. With everything your kids can and will throw at you, you need all the help you can get. So here are my top 6 dad hacks for new dads to hopefully help you out.


Grab a Nap whenever you can

This one is for when your kids are babies (though still applies when they are older). Just Nap, when they go down you go down. It sounds like common sense but a lot of the time you are tempted to power through, but when you do this you end up regretting it when doing a 3 am feed.


Keep it loud

Again this one is for dads with a baby but will definitely pay off in the long run. Don’t try to silence the world to your baby, what I mean by this is, don’t turn the TV or radio down because the baby is nodding off. When you get the baby used to this level of noise they will eventually be able to nod off while you’re doing the hoovering. If you don’t do this you end up one of those parents that have to disconnect the door bell, through fear of someone using it and waking the baby up. This is something you really don’t want.


Make the Noisy, Annoying Toys Disappear

No doubt that your kids will receive unvetted toys as gifts from friends and family. Most of these toys will be great and much appreciated, but some will be annoying, noisy and a bane to your existence. These types of toys need to go and the sooner the better, This way there is less time for them to get attached to the toy. The best time for a toy like this to go missing is after the kid’s bedtime. Most Kids under 4 are less than likely to remember and older kids are more likely to of ‘lost it’ themselves.


Bribery will get you everywhere

Most if not all material you read on parenting will tell you that you should not bribe your kids, however, in my experience, it can work great (within reason of course). In some circumstances, kids are unaffected by threats, and depending on the situation this is when you have to bring out the carrot on the stick.  The bribe could be anything from a snack to a day out (all depending on if they are good or not).


Keeping ipads/tablets/smartphones in check

Making sure your kids don’t become glued to these things are a must, once it happens it becomes a nightmare getting your kids back to normal children. Keeping the time spent on these devices in check will make sure they don’t become dependent on them for constant entertainment and also means you can dish out time on these devices as a reward for good behaviour.


Treat Yourself to a random kid free day out

Hopefully, you can get a friend or family member to take the kids off your hands for a couple of hours or even better a night too. If you can manage this then treat yourself to a bit of day time drinking or even just a trip to the cinema. Giving yourself a day off will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed (depending on how much you drink), ready to take the kids head on.


That’s my Top 6 Dad Hacks For New Dads, Thanks for reading. As always if you have any comments or you have any advice yourself please leave a comment below it would be great to hear from you.

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